Xposze Inc started as a sales engineering company  bearing the name Icon engineering - selling, repairing and maintaining office Pc’s, printers and equipments for reputable clients like Pricewaterhousecoopers, KPMG, Maerskline, Ghacem, British Embassy, America Embassy etc. 

Due to the proliferation of IT managers and technicians in the market, the market started contracting with less demand but high supply of technicians. We decided to form a new company by name xposze purposely to render branding, prints & media services. Why then did we transition from office equipments to healthcare growth and management? 

Conducting business with one of the healthcare clinic, we identified the need and attention of IT services in that sector. We also identified the slow pace of  clinics attracting new patients, making it difficult for start-up healthcare facilities to grow.  We decided to combine out IT experience plus our branding experience to develop solutions purposely for growth and management.

Our  Vision

To make the world a better place, devoid from sickness & decease that plaques the Mother Earth, preventing businesses for contributing their quota to the growth of the country .

Our ability to growing healthcare businesses stemmed from the volumes of research in our quest to deduce a strategy that will let xposze break away from bloody competitions.   Using our company as a case study, we researched and studied  fifteen years of research books plus data stretching back more than a hundred years, and a series of Harvard Business Review articles as well as academic articles on various dimensions of growth topic. 

    The principles , tools, and frameworks we use, has been further tested and refined over the years in corporate practice in Europe, the United States, and Asia to deduce a strategy that will help us enjoy that monopoly we used to have. We have gotten there and would like to extend the same courtesy to the Healthcare clinics & businesses.

    Combining our knowledge and experience in IT and Marketing, no client of ours will still be doing business in the dark. Some of existing clients are still the No1 in the market with their customers enjoying unprecedented brand experience.This is a prove that our methodology works and would continue to work.

Our Team

Empowering brand & growing firms

Happy Clients

Glad they choose to do business with us.


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