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Making the competition irrelevant

CocaCola say its original, Hertz says leader, apple is saying  innovator, What is your brand key positioning strategy? 

Environmental analysis (market conditions, competitive landscape, customers references and buying approaches), mapping, brand description (along with its style, character & promise) and brand statement that guides your branding decision and communications are elements that forms your strategy.

When consumers are faced with thousands of messages every day, they tend to ignore most of them, brushing off those product and services messages that they already buy from trusted brands, especially those that does not appeal to their interest, wants and needs. This is because professional services company’s are presenting offerings that are not meaningful, attractively different and better than the current choice. This is the whole point about finding and protecting your brand position. Now that you understand why your target market is not keeping your phones ringing and your email cropping up from your notification panel, what you can as a professional service company do to fix this ?

Successful positioning approaches are as follows;

Fulfilling and unaddressed interest or need

Challenging the status quo (xposze marketing favorite approach)

specializing  to serve a new market niche

Transforming an established solution

Introducing an all-new solution ( the most expensive)

Research ought to be conducted identify the above positions. They key is to find the point of difference or unique selling proposition to establish a strong brand. Remember that it doesn’t stop there. the more you tune in to the changing world around you the more your brand remain current and relevant. to gain more insight read more. By staking your market position based on unique and valued point of difference using the approach highlighted above, you will find that open space in consumers mind where you can build your brand. This positive point of difference what is it?

Most people see it as being different. But that is not enough. It most be both attractive and distinct. Your business offering must provide values and attributes that customers genuinely want and need and can only get that from you, business or services. For example the mere fact that you are the only company providing smart tv ( great distinctions) does not mean your target audience may want it. When we were working with envaserv to build their brand we discovered via research that environmental condition report was a requirement by EPA to be met by manufacturing companies. Know such need meets the attractive position, we decided to go further to ascertain what will meet the Distinction part of their market positioning using the same approach mentioned above. To know more about envaserv brand development read more.

Follow this template if you can conduct your own survey or have already conducted one to craft a compelling position statement

[Name of business or services] is the [your distinction and the generic term for your type of offering] to provide [your unique features or benefits] to [your customer profile] who choose our offering in order to feel [your customer’s emotional outcome]

Eg. Xposze In is the first e-marketing company that provides branding and e-business development services to consultants in the health & environmental industry with growth mindset who chooses our offerings in order to stay profitable and grow.

Without brand position one cannot;

Reinforce unique & valued point of difference every time people encounter the name, product, staff or any other aspect of the brand experience

So what is your most attractive distinction? How is it different from that of businesses or products that provides similar but different solutions and experience. Engage us to conduct a survey to reveal these distinct features that will make competition irrelevant.

If you have a new position we can also convey the message, make impressions, deliver experiences that locally move your brand towards your desired competitive position. Read more about getting the word out here  if you don’t have any idea on how do that.

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