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Creating A Valuable Brand

5 Five common traits

As companies strive to place their business on a strong profitable growth trajectory, they tend not to ignore injecting brand development strategy into their business strategy. Today, business cannot grow or remain profitable without accepting branding as part of their marketing strategy. Those that have accepted this, have erected strong brands. Some organizations did start well, but then missed their way through lack of focus and discipline. 

But my main focus for this post is for those that have gotten it all wrong from the get go, that branding is all about having an award winning logo, message, colors and design elements across all your communication channels. Organizations with such mind-set, branding pops up to them as a miracle cure for transforming product and jump starting success, especially when business is down or new competition surges. On several occasions I have personally asked businesses why that brand decision, and it mostly turns out to be "i want to be noticed by looking professional and beautiful with our new logo on business cards, adverts and promos". Our competitors have it and so should we. Such a mind set does not develop passionate customers and ROI.

Well such moves can create some level of awareness for businesses but that is not branding. To understand the concept of branding here are some few traits i have been able to assemble from some the great brands. You'll notice that it goes all the way to the core of the organization especially with a well redefined buyers value strategy in place as guide that drives organization decision making.

Always remember this, that repetition is boring but it builds brands and brands build value.

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