Best Digital Marketing in Ghana

  • Ranking keyword research to gain competitive advantage and high performing brand.
  • Design & develop high performance websites optimized for search engines - SEO.
  • Launch or relaunch website, activate digital marketing campaigns, including social platforms to  increase web traffic and conversions.

Digital Marketing

Generating leads and converting them to become ideal customers requires proper planning and implementation.Building web presence optimized for leads is the order for the day and you cannot make it without embracing it as part of your marketing strategy.  

Xposze will help you develop a digital marketing strategy that will scale your business using sales, marketing & growth hacking tactics. 

Some of these tactics includes; 

SEO ( for google and other web crawlers higher ranking)

Social Media Ad’s & billboards ( drive traffic to your site)

Email & SMS (increase conversion), 

Pop-ups & Forms ( to attract potential leads) and 

Live chat & In-app Messages (connect to customer)

We have succeeded constantly  developing professional services lead generating website, although it always presents some unique challenges and complex technical service offerings. Knowing we are dealing with intangible products we ensure sites are built for trust and credibility. 

We will help you develop your company website plan that showcases trust, credibility and offerings. The plan includes marketing modeling, content & offer strategy, repository for organizing your growing content, and blogs/post for converting visitors.  Xposze would then fall on this plan to develop a high performance website.

Your High performance website would be hosted on a fast , secured, reliable RAID-protected Servers with redundant fault-tolerant. Your hard disks capacity would be 2 GB, SSD, Your server comes bundled with AutoBackup, Free CDN, TLDs On Offer,  WhoisGuard,  SSLs, 30 Email. Additional benefits includes - Website  monitoring and reporting 24/7 - AWStats, Raw Logs Statistics, Bandwidth Stats, Latest Visitors, Google Analytics Compatible.

Website Development & hosting

seo-search engine optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is one the best way to attract visitors to your site and conversions as well. But before that can happen, individual content pages of your website must be optimized for search engines. 

At Xposze, research keywords your audience use when searching for information or offerings on the net and then deduce a strategy that will turn your site into a high performance site. Every page on your site will be optimize, including blogs and post for specific keywords using SEO techniques just to attract new visitors. Additionally, we would create an ongoing link-building process to increase the authority of your website so that Google (and other search engines) will give your content more weight and rank your pages higher.

While this is an ongoing cost, it pays great dividends for new business leads. SEO requires content. But content without SEO is of little value.

Xposze uses Pop Ad’s, Digital billboards, Full website interstitials, best performing formats to display your online presence and website to people or audience that matches your campaign goals. 

We get people to your landing page, website, e-commerce site, blogs from one of the most visited well known blogs and website of our worldwide partners network . These are networks that uses, Anti-Fraud solutions for bot and junk traffic filtering. What this means is you get quality traffic.

Additionally, with the automatic targeting & smart goals features we match your website, e-commerce or blog with highly interested audience at the right moment, to make sure that you grab only those who are highly interested and pro-actively searching for content/products/services or offers. This will increase you traffic and conversions.

web & social media marketing

Your offers and content tend to be most effective when we inject them into your website because they relate in some way to the content of the blog post they accompany.

Management Application

Your digital marketing comes bundle with business management web application for managing your entire sales, marketing and support activities both off & online.

With this software you will be able to do the following for your teams;

Sales Team

Marketing Team

  • Sales Pipeline - Tracking your entire sales pipelines
  • Contact management - Manage visitors, customers and companies
  • Lead scoring - aIdentify and Target Sales-ready Leads.
  • Growth hacking - the transformation of ideas into successful campaign
  • Email & Sms - Outbound engagement for growth
  • Pop-ups & forms - ability to create stylish pop-ups that brings Leads.

Support Team

Management Team

  • Shared Team Inbox - the ability to receive, manage and reply customers
  • Messaging - to talk to your customers in real time
  • Knowledge Base - Create Help Articles for customer Self-service.
  • Task Management - Work more collaboratively and get more done.
  • Unlimited Products & Services - Store your product and services
  • Ai Assistant, Meetings, Document and Calendar.

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We will work with you to develop a high performance website that increases traffic and conversions. 

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