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More Clients = More Sales

Who we are

Xposze is made up of a team of marketers, front & backend developers, UI/Ux designers and  account managers that takes up the responsibility of the clients business development to create visibility, net new customers, whiles maintaining the existing customers.

Simple! GROWTH. 

Our mantra is simply More Clients = More Sales

If its not about sales & growth we don’t do it. Its part of our vision to see a better world being created by successfully growing businesses.

What we stand for 

What  we do

Leveraging technology coupled with seasoned experienced workers, we follow simple tried & tested methodology that roots out complex research, processes  to accomplish business development goals as quickly as possible for clients to start enjoying their business. This we accomplish with three simple steps;

1. The research & planning stage           

2. The design & development stage             

3. The sales & digital marketing stage

Reseach & Planning

Developing compelling product or services, that is affordable priced, with low cost structure requires research & planning. 

We will help you conduct industry and market research to discover who your target audience/customers are; where they are, how to reach them; what they see as a compelling product; what motivates them to make a purchase; how to engage them; and the kind of amazing experience that will turn them into brand ambassadors. 

This findings can also be used to develop your brand & digital marketing plan, as well as build a commercially viable business model. 

+ Brand & Web Development

Now that we have helped you get a better picture of who you ideal customers are and the level of play in the industry, we will get started with designing and developing your brand image and integrated marketing mockups that will be in tune with your ideal customers and in synch with your mission and vision. 

This package includes;

+ Sales & Marketing 

The right solution for growth. We would work with you to plan and execute digital & traditional marketing campaigns at major social media platforms, partner’s sites & influencer sites to close more deals quickly especially drive leads to your website. You will have a single account for managing all your social media activities and campaigns, plus analytical tools to furnish you with valuable insight to enhance your engagement strategy. Captured leads using CRM app would be natured and converted into customers. 

This package includes;

Branding & Business Development Fees

Our services comes bundled as a subscription services. So you dont need to hire 5 professionals to to get your sales & marketing act together. Fees are affordable because we believe one does not need to break a bank to grow their business. If you compare and contrast how much you pay per term or semester for your wards and the returns, to how much you pay for getting your business going and growing, you will realize that we’re giving you more in growth value instantly than the cash we are receiving. 

Skip the embarrassment of not making enough profit or sales to pay your hard working staff. Raise high your shoulders whenever you are among your peers or family, with smiles all over your face because business is booming. Engage us now.

Our Projects

 Still in doubt, click the on the project link to get a better picture of our past & current projects. Find out how amazing their brands are doing, and that giant leap from where they were to where they are today. 

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